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Lawmakers, gov still divided over PA transportation dollars

Rep. Geist wants action, Corbett says he’s still waiting.
By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
HARRISBURG — Lawmakers are again calling on Gov. Tom Corbett to come to the table to discuss a potential transportation funding proposal, but the governor said Monday that he is still waiting for the economy to improve.

The governor told reporters he’s unwilling to increase costs when gas is nearing $4 per gallon.
Corbett said he also was waiting for a sign from the federal government on how it plans to address the nation’s transportation deficiencies. So far, there has been nothing.
But the governor’s reluctance did not stop state Rep. Rick Geist, R-Blair, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, from trying to drum up support for a transportation funding package. 
During a news conference, Geist said he was looking for agreement from legislative leaders and Corbett.
Among those proposals was uncapping a portion of the state’s gasoline tax — already the 10th highest in the nation — that would add about 10 cents to the price at the pump. The plan also called for higher vehicle registration and drivers license fees.
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