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Philly probes possible voter fraud as ID law takes effect

Unknown if new law would have prevented over-vote
By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
HARRISBURG — City commissioners are investigating 83 Philadelphia voting districts where more votes were cast in last year’s municipal primary election than the number of people who voted.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the ongoing investigation Tuesday, exactly one week before the April 24 primary, when voters for the first time will be asked to show photo identification before casting their ballots because of a recently passed state law.
“Until they understand what happened, the commissioners say, they cannot rule out the possibility of deliberate, illegal efforts to run up votes for favored candidates, with the perpetrators losing count as they tried to cover their tracks,” the paper reported.
During a three-day debate on the House floor before the passage of the voter ID bill last month, opponents repeatedly suggested that the new requirement was “a solution in search of a
"We don't believe that this measure is necessary," said state Rep. Ron Waters, D-Philadelphia, at the time.  "There is no fraud."
But the bill passed the House with a vote of 104-88 and the Senate by a margin of 26-23, mostly along party lines in both chambers.
Next week, voters will be allowed to vote if they do not have a photo ID, but starting with the general election in November, voters must show photo identification before receiving a ballot. 
Individuals without state-issued IDs can obtain one free identification from any state Department of Transportation drivers’ license center.
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