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House Dems file brief supporting voter ID challenge


Argue law oversteps authority of the General Assembly
By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
HARRISBURG — Fifty House Democrats signed a brief Wednesday supporting a challenge to Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law.

In the amicus curie brief filed in Commonwealth Court, House Democrats argue that the law is a “thinly-veiled attempt to suppress voter turnout” among groups that frequently vote Democratic.
No hearing date has been set for the controversial new law, which was immediately challenged by a group of voters claiming it would prevent them from being able to vote, violates the Pennsylvania Constitution’s protection of the right to vote and oversteps the powers vested in the General Assembly.
Nils Frederiksen, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, which is defending the law in the court, said it does not comment on ongoing litigation.
Gov. Tom Corbett signed the bill into law, after it passed the House and Senate earlier this year along starkly partisan lines. Corbett has repeatedly defended the law as a commonsense solution to potential voter fraud.
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