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PAC takes aim at Corbett’s PA record

Ad to air statewide
By Melissa Daniels | PA Independent
HARRISBURG — The gubernatorial election is still two years away, but Gov. Tom Corbett’s record is hitting the airwaves.

Pennsylvania residents soon may see television advertisements from the American Working Families Action Fund, a political action committee that says its mission is to defend the interests of the middle class.
Corbett’s the second governor to be the target of an AWFAF campaign, after embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who faces a recall election June 5.
Watch the Pennsylvania ad at
In the ad, a male voice says, “Tom Corbett isn’t spending less, he’s just making this harder for the middle class,” noting cuts to education spending and SUV purchases for Corbett and the first lady.
The group says its ad isn’t tied to the elections.
“Our purpose isn’t really to influence elections, our purpose is to alert citizens about the impact that he governor is having now on their lives, and who he’s hurting — the middle class,” said AWFAF spokesman Bud Jackson.
Kevin Harley, director of communications for the governor’s office, called the ads “another hit-and-run job by a front group for the political left.”
“Tom Corbett has been bringing Pennsylvania out of a recession by lowering taxes and attracting new business while reining in state spending,” Harley said. “American Working Families, the sponsors of these attack ads, is run by a political consultant with a history of working for liberal tax-and-spend candidates.”
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