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PSEA sending $21K to Wisconsin as part of recall effort

Part of last minute $1.1 million push by public sector unions in Badger State
By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
MADISON — Union dues from Pennsylvania public school teachers will be going to work for the ouster of a Republican governor this week.

But it won’t worry Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett — though the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, isn’t too happy with him — because the $21,000 in-kind contributions made on May 31 by the PSEA is targeting Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin.
The contribution was made to We Are Wisconsin, a political action committee running attack ads against the governor. The group also is coordinating on-the-ground voting efforts in the state.
In-kind contributions can be anything of value that is not a direct donation of cash.
In this case, it is likely the expenditure was used to send union members to Wisconsin to help canvass support for Walker’s opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.
The PSEA did not return requests for comment about the nature of the contribution, but the union published a newsletter in April tying the situation in Wisconsin to Corbett's education policy.
Valerie Caras, communications director for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, said union members should be incensed to watch their dues exported to another state.
"It's clear that big labor has one goal in mind; to support big labor," she said. "This is a typical ploy from out-of-touch bosses playing politics with their members' dues by supporting causes that have no bearing on their own."
Steve Wollmer, communications director for the New Jersey Education Association, defended the practice.
“The attitude of a lot of the unions is that this is a very significant fight that goes beyond the borders of Wisconsin,” he said.
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