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False ads muddy waters in attorney general race

By Eric Boehm | PA Independent

OUTSIDE INFLUENCE: Independent groups are running ads with in accurate information, creating tension in the attorney general race.

HARRISBURG — It’s a game of one-upsmanship when it comes to inaccurate ads in the Pennsylvania attorney general race.

The Committee for Justice & Fairness, a national Democratic super PAC, unveiled its first television ad Tuesday in the hotly contested race. The ad criticizes Kathleen Kane‘s Republican opponent, Dave Freed, for supposedly refusing to review the Jerry Sandusky investigation.

Freed defends Tom Corbett’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation and said he ‘saw no reason to review the case,’” the voice-over of the ad says. (Watch ad here)

But the ad cites The Associated Press story from 2011 that was corrected to say Freed did not rule out a review of the case if it was merited.

The new ad comes on the heels of a controversial ad from the Republican State Leadership Committee, a national campaign group that drops ads into state-level races to benefit GOP candidates. Last month, RSLC began running an ad that claimed Kane allowed a rapist to get off with a light sentence only to have him strike again. (Watch the ad here.)

Independent groups called the ad blatantly false, and RSLC amended it.

“Kane’s deceptive allies have taken to practicing exactly what they preach against to win political office,” said Tim Kelly, Freed’s campaign manager, in a statement Tuesday.

Kane immediately asked for television stations to not run the ad and denounced the ad.

But, Freed only distanced himself from the RSLC ad and did not openly denounce it.

At the candidates’ only debate Monday night, Freed said he did not want to run the ad, but he had no control over what independent groups put on television.

Kane is an assistant district attorney from Lackawanna County, while Freed is the district attorney for Cumberland County.

During Monday’s debate, both candidates said they would investigate the Sandusky case if elected.

Freed said he would determine if then-Attorney General Corbett made any mistakes during the investigation that was ongoing as Corbett was elected governor in 2010.

Kane, who has made the Penn State sexual abuse scandal a central part of her campaign, took a harder line and promised a full investigation of the Attorney General Office’s handling of the case.

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