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Foreign policy debate leaves some viewers looking for more

By Melissa Daniels | PA Independent

HARRISBURG — Though Monday night’s debate had the static topic of foreign policy, it seemed the candidates couldn’t help themselves from alluding to their plans for the nation at home.

Romney made a point of mention his “5-Point Plan” aimed at economic growth, indicating a strong economy will keep America strong globally. President Obama said the United States must concern itself with “nation building at home” even as it works with other countries overseas, and both took  opportunities to talk about education.

As pointed out by Don Palesky on PA Independent’s Facebook page, that migth have had something to do with moderator Bob Schieffer.

In a night chock-full of discussion about America’s role in the world, Romney said the greatest threat to the nation is a nuclear-capable Iran, while the president said terrorist networks posed the biggest threat. Romney criticized Obama for taking too long to get sanctions on Iran, while the president said those terms were worked on since “day one” in office, with cooperation from other counties.

But hearing about plans for military intervention in other parts of the world, and plans for military spending, left some longing for different views. Pennsylvania resident Brian Kitson was left thinking about a past candidate.

Despite stinging rebuttals pointing out where their opponent was wrong or misinformed, the candidates agreed on several points. That included Romney coming out in his support for the use of drones in overseas attacks.

On Facebook, Kirk Howard of Pittsburgh, whose profile picture features a Gary Johnson logo, took a moment to point out how presidential debates don’t offer an opportunity to hear all the views.


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