Transparency issues at play in race for governor |

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The rhetoric that’s careening around the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race sounds as if it could be… More

Pennsylvania GOP can’t lose Fleck’s state House seat – but he can |

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Republicans can’t lose in Pennsylvania’s 81st Legislative District.
A GOP victory for the seat… More


Funding Philadelphia schools, one vice at a time |

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When it comes to class sizes, Philadelphia School District’s numbers don’t add up |

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Arcade helps give PA borough extra life, but hefty tax could mean game over |

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Pennsylvania’s budget process: cramped, crowded and hot |

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State lawmakers table teacher seniority bill, special ed funding |

By Mary C. Tillotson |

Pennsylvania lawmakers considered reforming special education funding and ending the system of seniority-based layoffs, More

Corbett and PA coal industry wary of new EPA rules on CO2 |

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
HARRISBURG, Pa. — After President Obama on Monday unveiled new EPA regulations that would reduce… More


Conservative flank of GOP falls short at polls |

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
When Scott Wagner… More pulled off a stunning write-in campaign to claim a Pennsylvania Senate


Corporate tax questions dog Wolf in final days before PA primary |

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Dems open wallets in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial primary |

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York County businessman Tom Wolf… More continues to lead three fellow Democratic challengers for the


Cops can now search your car without a warrant |

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If the police stop you in Pennsylvania, they don’t need a warrant to search… More


Credit check: McCord’s hotel choices raise questions |

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Since the Omni William Penn Hotel… More opened in 1916, the Pittsburgh landmark has served


Could Kentucky-style gift ban come to Pennsylvania? |

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Plan would give radar guns to local police |

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Pennsylvania motorists have long been able to set their cruise control a little bit… More


Advocacy group: PA colleges discriminate against women’s athletics |

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Nine Pennsylvania universities have failed to provide female students with equal athletic opportunities required… More


Property tax reform still vexing in Pennsylvania |

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — The issue of property tax reform — a point of conversation… More


Corbett, Democratic opponents try to top one another with calls for gift ban |

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Heavy Hitters: Indicted Ironworkers’ union throws lots of cash at candidates |

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Taxpayers demand action in case of missing Wilkes-Barre gas |

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Some Wilkes-Barre taxpayers say they are tired of waiting for local prosecutors to determine… More